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Launching on Kickstarter 5/13/2021

Posted by Luis Hernandez on
Launching on Kickstarter the Escape M4 Tent

It’s exciting to imagine camping and spending time outdoors again. For some, it might be the first camping experience as an adult or ever.

For us here Campo Designs, we’ve been fortunate enough to have camped in more tents we can count on two hands. And one of the things we love about camping is the amazingly epic views you can appreciate from outside of your tent. This is what inspired us to design the only tent, shaped like a dome, that quickly and easily opens up to the world, to that epic view of mountains, sunsets or stars. After years of product design, sampling, testing, frustrations and tears, we’re excited to announce that we're launching the patented Campo Designs Escape 4-person Tent on Kickstarter May 2021! We know many of you have been waiting for this to launch, we thought we'd share with you 4 reasons why we waited until now.

1) You can't build a masterpiece overnight -  For us, getting it right was more important than just getting it done. With so many tent options to choose from, we wanted this tent to be our legacy and make sure we didn't disappoint. We’ve always loved the design and generally speaking, so has anyone that’s ever seen it but it had to be more than love at first sight, we needed to make the Escape windproof, waterproof, easier to set-up, more technically advanced and ensure we had a solid patent that would protect our many years of hard work and love.  

2) Design Improvements & Testing -  Once we checked off critical design and structural improvements, we tested it, then we tested it some more. We even hired a product testing agency to verify our results. In fact, we tested the Escape against 3 other tents and blasted it with a massive industrial fan and multiple fire hoses! The first tent blew over the edge, literally off the cliff! The second buckled under the pressure of the wind, the third leaked as if it was under a waterfall but the Escape flexed, shook and leaned into the adverse testing conditions. And when it was all said and done it was literally the last tent standing! 

3) The Pandemic happened -  Just before our expected launch date in Spring 2020, Covid-19 arrived and the whole world changed. So instead of launching a tent in the middle of the pandemic, we looked inwardly and made the decision to launch when we could find a cause that can also help the world. We reached out to the most amazing human we know, Ru, who educated us on climate change and women empowerment initiatives in Africa. We learned planting more trees can save the world and can also make a difference to hundreds of women in Kenya. He also shared stories of his triumphs and struggles with his personal accomplishment. Ru, a TED Talk speaker, has helped plant 1,200,000 trees and made it his personal mission to plant 10,000,000 trees before he dies and we want to make it our mission to help him. So armed with a mission, we are launching the Escape 4 Tent with the world in-mind and giving you the opportunity to make a difference too. 

4) Launching a product isn't cheap -  We aren't rich or backed by a large corporate company or bank. This is why we've chosen Kickstarter as the platform for our launch. We had to work, save, spend, then work, save and spend again. Each time maximizing and stretching every dollar. 

What has kept us going during this time is the continued support of those that have seen our tent on YouTube, stayed in touch with us, sending us encouraging words of support and pushing us to produce what we consider to be the best tents ever designed. 

Thank you for your messages and for your patience - we can’t wait for you to see the Escape 4 Tent and make plans to enjoy camping in the outdoors again. 


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