Is the Escape M4 Tent Bug-Proof?!

The simple answer is, Yes and No! When it's fully zipped up the Escape M4 functions like any other tent, completely bug-proof from the outside. When opened up, you are exposed to sun, rain, bugs, or whatever else is in the environment you've chosen to relax in.

Is the Escape M4 Tent Waterproof?!

Absolutely! We spent years developing the Escape M4 and being waterproof was an absolute must. The hemisphere shape helps the rain run off of the tent, the tape sealed seams, waterproof coating, bathtub bottom and rainfly do the rest. Now, if the tent is open, it's open and you're going to get wet because you're completely exposed. So, if the rain starts falling, time to zip it up!

Are you really planting 50 Trees?!

People can't believe that for every tent sold on Kickstarter that we're going to plant 50 trees on their behalf, but it's true! Together, we can make a positive impact and we thank you for your support.