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Baja Backpack Travel Cooler (NOW TAKING PRE-ORDERS!!)

$219.95 $219.95

To us, this backpack is the top of the mountain.  Why?  It's simple really, no other backpack affords you the ability to pack clothes for a week, plus your laptop, chargers and other random necessities and when you get to your destination, BOOM, you've got a backpack cooler!

Open it up and inside, you'll find a nice big cooler waiting for you to fill up with ice and cold drinks. The lay flat and open and close design means you can find what you're looking for faster, thus saving that precious ice. 

The Baja comes with an internal divider used to separate adults and kids drinks, keep food containers from sloshing around and also 2 mesh bags, one for empty cans and the other for dirty close back at your hotel. 

Two external waterproof pockets are ideal for a cell phone, wallet, keys , bluetooth speaker and other smaller items you want to keep clean and dry. 

It's the perfect backpack for adventurers that like to enjoy the ride and celebrate in style when they reach their destination.